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currently watching: ao haru ride - free! eternal summer - zankyou no terror. currently playing: assassin's creed - skyrim - borderlandsNot spoiler free.

This place is a damn maze. Okay, I can do this.

Haruka Nanase - F R E E! 
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today i ordered my very first thing on amazon

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*Hears footsteps towards my room* Please dont


I get personally offended when someone shitty listens to my favourite band

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Remember that we lived.

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I get so excited when people send me asks, like you could literally just send me one that says pancakes and I’d be so flattered that you took the time to send me that


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Concept Art: Turian ()
hosugoen: Hi, I am Erica. I am a game developer at ObiSoft. A new game is launching called LOA, could you do me a favour and try to play it? It a latest browser game, try it on my tumblr blog. Will take only few minutes. Let my know how was it we can chat after. Erica

whoa! never seen an erica before