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currently watching: ao haru ride - free! eternal summer - zankyou no terror. currently playing: assassin's creed - skyrim - borderlandsNot spoiler free.

…Who doesn’t want chibi Orion on their dashboard?

League of Legends » Lunar Revel (2014)

Haruhi noticing Tamaki (*/∇\*)


League of Legends Lore: Places of Valoran

DNM Studio Ghibli Gif/Screencap Challenge:


3/4: Chihiro (Spirited Away).


I may not be a perfect person but at least I have never yelled at an employee in a store

Matt Rhodes concept art Mass Effect


koutabaweek || Day 1: Sniff

"You know like when I piggy-backed you, and that time in the lobby, when you laid your face against the back of my head, for example." ~ Kou.

{ credits: xxx }


"You have a lot of things you need to think about, right?"
I do. I do have things I need to think about.
That's the plain truth.
dr: a group of 15 students...
dr: haha jk there are actually 16
sdr2: a group of 16 students...
sdr2: haha jk there are actually 15


today this guy in my class asked me why my eyeliner is on point but my handwriting sucks 

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